Introducing: Vicenda ON-DEMAND

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Vicenda ON-DEMAND, launches with our first digital event on 22 April. This platform has been created to address the two key challenges in hosting traditional events in our industry:

1.     Although budget is sometimes an obstacle, the biggest challenge for practitioners is finding the time to extract themselves from their operation to attend local industry events. The need and want are certainly there, however the constant demand of a complex operation puts severe time constraints on operations executives.

2.     For speakers that have put the time and energy into creating a presentation and often have a worthwhile story to tell or valuable insights to share, their story often deserves to be shared with a much larger audience than is in attendance at the event.

Please view the video below for more information and experience the format that we’ve created for this unique and exciting platform. You can download our brochure below the video with further details and our contact info.

You can watch it in the window below or in full screen if you wish:

Thanks for watching! Please download the brochure here or contact us on:


tel: 010 500 1006