Renowned Supply Chain Thought-Leader Releases Leadership Book

Jim Tompkins, founder and chairman of Tompkins Ventures LLC and co-founder of Tompkins Leadership and his co-writer, Michael Hughes, released a new book that provides a systematic way for leaders to navigate perpetual disruption and position their enterprises to achieve true competitive advantage.


“Leadership is no longer about having a vision and aligning your enterprise’s operations with that vision. Instead, Insightful Leadership for today and the future is about looking around the corner and taking the steps necessary to allow us to get ahead of the competition and create competitive advantage. The greatest opportunity for innovation comes now when history is accelerated. This will be achieved by embracing Insightful Leadership and riding from wave to wave and more.”

- Jim Tompkins, author of Insightful Leadership: Surfing the Waves to Organizational Excellence


Synopsis of Insightful Leadership: Surfing the Waves to Organizational Excellence


Insightful Leadership: Surfing the Waves to Organizational Excellence by Jim Tompkins and Michael Hughes provides entrepreneurs and industry leaders with actionable strategies, insights and mindsets for thriving within a world where disruption is the new normal. Tompkins details how these hardships play out in the form of disruptions, tipping points and paradigm shifts, as well as how to survive and thrive despite them. Using an apt surfing metaphor throughout the book, Tompkins empowers entrepreneurs and established industry leaders to position their enterprises to navigate the waves of disruption, use insight into how the waves will advance and harness the power of those waves to achieve true progress.


Tompkins begins by describing how recent lockdowns, demand surges, digital innovation and geopolitical and financial crises have permanently changed how people live, work, shop, learn and entertain themselves—everything businesses look to provide. Business leaders must solve issues related to the remote work explosion, the massive and continuing shift to eCommerce and supply chains that broke under pressure. To do so, Tompkins defines insightful leadership, a form of leadership that encourages leaders to pay attention to the world, trends, political changes, legal landscape and technology changes, including those outside the scope of their immediate sector or specialty.


The book then defines disruptions, tipping points and paradigm shifts, referencing three critical texts—Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s The Black Swan, Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point and Joel Barker’s Discovering the Future: The Business of Paradigms—to explain the impact of COVID-19 and future disruptions. In the last chapters of the book, Tompkins provides actionable strategies for leaders to employ, including his explanation of the innovation cycle, a process of reinvention that enables leaders to avoid wiping out in a world of perpetual disruption. Though Tompkins gives his own insight on the usefulness of Digital Supply Networks in supply chain, this book transcends industries to prepare all leaders for perpetual disruption, providing them with the mindset they need to reinvent their enterprises continually and achieve competitive advantage.



Jim Tompkins is an internationally known thought leader on end-to-end supply chains, as well as the founder and chairman of Tompkins Ventures LLC, a partnership/consulting firm that helps executive teams turn their five biggest problems—capital, facilities, logistics, supply chain and leadership—into a competitive advantage. Tompkins is also the co-founder and chairman of  Tompkins Leadership LLC, a global executive search and leadership development firm that deploys Insightful Leadership to help good bosses and good companies become great. A Purdue University industrial engineering Ph.D., Jim has started 15 businesses that have generated over $2 billion in worldwide revenue during his 50-year career; has written or contributed to 30 books, including three on leadership; has made over 2,000 conference and keynote presentations; and has been CEO of 10 businesses. Co-writer and former journalist Michael Hughes serves as vice president of Communications and Publications for Tompkins Ventures LLC and previously acted as managing editor at the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE). 

Insightful Leadership: Surfing the Waves to Organizational Excellence, published by BrightRay Publishing, can be purchased online on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart and Target, among other retailers.


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