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Stores Management Excellence, Jhb: 07-08 November

Effective Stores Operations play a critical role in theprofitability and success of each business. The manner in which stores aremanaged can impact significantly on inventory, customer service levels andultimately, the company’s bottom line.

This workshop will providedelegates with a complete understanding of current best practices in storesmanagement and importantly, how to apply them effectively in their currentenvironment. The aim of this workshop is empower delegates with the knowledgeto increase efficiency, improve productivity and be more customer-focused andservice oriented.

The content is practical andover these two days, delegates will gain knowledge of the fundamentals inmanaging stores effectively as well as proven methodologies that canimmediately be implemented in their stores or warehouse.

This workshop has been designed for introductory tointermediate level.

For more information, pleasevisit www.vicenda.co.za orcontact:

Email: karl@vicenda.co.za

Tel: 011 021 5411