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Compliance for Importers: The New Customs Act Programme: 11-12 June, Jhb

The New Customs Act Programme (NCAP) is a must know for all companies involved in any form of imports and these changes need to be fully understood and more importantly, how to implement these changes within your organisation to ensure compliancy.

Delivered by the Master Trainer for the International Chamber of Commerce for Africa,this workshop is aimed at providing delegates with an understanding of how this new act will affect your business and how to implement up-to-date import administration processes and policies to ensure compliancy and avoid penalties.

Practical exercises are included in this workshop which will provide delegates with the necessary information and practical skills which can be easily implemented in the work-place.

Workshop Highlights:

·        SARS’ accession to the WCO and the Revised Kyoto Convention

·        The SAFE Framework

·        EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) reporting and including the NCAP (the New Customs Act Programme) – MPR (Manifest Processing system) and the RCG (Reporting of Conveyance Goods)

·        Accreditation for Preferred Trader legislation and the Customs Sufficient Knowledge programme

·        Customs Values, including obtaining a Valuation Determination Number (VDN)

·        Tariff Determination – will these measures remain in place after the implementation of the new Act? (WCO-World Customs Organisation, Harmonised System Convention)

·        Customs calculations, how specific, ad-valorem and excise tariffs are calculated

·        Customs Procedure Category Codes – including the permissible Customs procedures

·        The Tariff Book and the Schedules to the Customs and Excise Act

·        Import documentation, what Customs and Excise need to see with every import clearance,incl commercial, transport, origin & other supporting documentation

·        The Customs SAD 500, 501 Effective from 12 February 2018

For more information, please visit www.vicenda.co.za or contact:

Email: karl@vicenda.co.za 

Tel: 011 021 5411