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SmartFreight boosts services through Acquisitions

12 October 2017

Transport industry set to benefit by taking the guesswork out of shipping software


Global shipping software provider, SmartFreight®, part of the Interactive Freight Systems (IFS) Group of Companies, today announced two acquisitions - Compdata Technology Services (Supplymaster), and the shipping software arm of transport and logistics business - tdX (The Data Exchange).

As part of SmartFreight®’s accelerated global growth strategy, the move strategically consolidates its critical mass, driving continued investment in leading-edge multi-carrier shipping solutions whilst further optimising control over operating cost structures, maintaining competitive price strategies and reinforcing already strong relationships within the transport sector and other associated alliance partners.

Commenting on the business deal Ken Aitken, SmartFreight® CEO, said, “This is a huge win for all stakeholders in the Australian supply chain industry and global eCommerce arena, with customers, transport providers, software partners and freight management partners alike, all set to benefit. Today marks the convergence of some 50 years of combined technology experience in the shipping software industry,” Aitken continued. “We are extremely pleased to have been able to achieve this with two such respected industry players.”

“We’d also like to take this opportunity to welcome the Compdata team into the IFS Group. Compdata will help to expand our team’s existing skill set and build on the exceptional business they have created over the years. We also look forward to collaborating with tdX on key projects in the future, growing the reach of our solutions to assist customers with extended workflow processes in their supply chain, which is tdX’s core strength,” said Aitken.

SmartFreight®’s enlarged team complements its objective to remain nimble and responsive to all customer needs. Service enhancements will include an increased multi-lingual customer facing team across all facets of the business, and an increased human IP resource pool to ensure a positive customer experience.

SmartFreight® is recognised as an innovative and key player in the market that has gained both sector and media attention in recent years for its consumer-focused products, sustainability outlook, and high service levels that focus on delivering versatility, transparency, accountability, and efficiency.

Later this year SmartFreight® plans to launch a new technology platform that promises to firmly cement SmartFreight®’s position as market leader by encapsulating all the very best features of all companies into one single, leading-edge global platform. It will allow customers to ship their customers’ orders globally with real-time diagnostics and information whilst achieving full visibility of shipment delivery status. The solution is the culmination of years of experience coupled with invaluable customer feedback, addressing the challenges businesses face when shipping today and the ever-expanding omnichannel eCommerce needs of our clients.

SmartFreight is supported in South Africa by their local partner, iWMS.