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BBF Safety Group Secures Their Footing with Inventory Visibility

01 November 2017

DSI EMEA has been selected by Durban-based BBF Safety Group to provide a mobile and inventory visibility solution for their ERP system, JD Edwards. This solution will be supported by their South African partner, LinkedERP, a company that partners with organizations to implement mobility solutions.

BBF Safety Group and partner LinkedERP were looking for a solution that would automate data collection and provide inventory visibility. The company located in Durban is dedicated to creating and providing their customers with a lifetime of reliable, comfortable and contemporary footwear designed for work environments that can transition into daily life.

The footwear manufacturing company desired a solution that would simplify, standardize, automate and increase productivity. BBF Safety Group required real-time inventory management within the warehouse for mobility in the production process as well as for finished goods stock management that also seamlessly integrated with JD Edwards’s transactions in real-time. The outcome of this solution gave the footwear manufacturing company inventory visibility and accuracy throughout their supply chain. This visibility and accuracy allowed for management to leverage information into a single version to make informed decisions, quickly and efficiently.

“We needed a mobile solution for JD Edwards that would allow for real-time inventory management to happen within our system. The solution would need to be able to integrate with JD Edwards quickly and easily. Seeing how effortless of an integration it was with DSI’s solution, we felt that DSI would be the best choice for visibility and accuracy throughout the warehouse,” said Tim Rautenbach, Project Manager, BBF Safety Group.

“BBF Safety Group was looking for a company that was able to offer them the stability of having a solution that was able to operate and be supported in their South African headquarters. Not only is DSI able to do that for them, but they are also able to work seamlessly with JD Edwards and see visibility across their inventory and accuracy within their supply chain,” said Mark Goode, Chief Revenue Officer, DSI.