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New fleet management company enters the market

11 September 2017

58Fleet, has joined the South African fleet industry. The company was born out of a recent partnership between Motus Corporation, a member of the Imperial group, and Southern Palace Group.

The name 58Fleet is derived from the 58 stars that travellers in earlier times would use for navigation. “When selecting a name, we wanted something that was as unique, identifiable and innovative as our service offering,” explains Quinten Indarjith, Chief Operating Officer.

Building on this narrative, the new, majority black-owned company, backed by major shareholders Southern Palace and Motus, is setting its sights on a superior service offering, making use of its shareholder’s unparalleled networks, scope and experience.

Service offering

58Fleet’s service offering includes full maintenance leases, managed maintenance, operating rentals, sale-and-leaseback and short-term rentals. “Through our shareholders, we have access to the whole value chain,” says Indarjith.

“58Fleet is backed by the largest network representing every brand and offers great prices for vehicles, at competitive discounts, accurate residual values and is supported by one of the largest contract maintenance and warranty providers in South Africa.”

The company operates across all business sectors and with customers from small business to national government offering a variety of vehicle types to fleet customers, including light to heavy industrial vehicles, medium commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles.

However, Tsietsi Nkoba, New Business Development Executive, says the company does not see itself fitting into the highly commoditised fleet market. “We focus on providing a full fleet management service solution through a living partnership with our customers. Our product-offering is dynamic and flexible because we develop our products with our customers in mind.”

Advanced reporting

In line with this is the company’s exclusive service level agreement management system, 58SLAM. It offers real-time, advanced reporting, along with precise performance and metric results with hands-on management in customers’ fleet’s efficiency.

58SLAM captures, configures, measures, reports and maintains detailed data on accidents, deal life summary, deal finance performance, e-Toll, fines, live tracking between supplier and client and maintenance.

58Fleet is the first fleet company to offer this cutting-edge online reporting platform. It can easily be accessed via a desktop computer or smart device, making it convenient and simple to use.

“We look forward to the future developments of 58Fleet,” says Indarjith. “With our strong customer-focus and commitment to constant innovation such as effective data management through technology, telematic solutions and our wealth of partnerships, 58Fleet is sure to make a lasting impact on the fleet industry.”


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