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KZN carries out vigorous enforcement operations against illegal truckers

10 October 2017

In a vigorous attempt to eradicate the mushrooming of illegal businesses in Clairwood KwaZulu Natal, mainly trucking, the city has teamed up with various Municipal line-departments to implement the Clairwood Integrated Enforcement Operations, which got underway in September.

Two enforcement operations have been carried out with about 100 prosecution notices being issued. Offences include; trading without a business license, erection of illegal structures and various traffic offences.

South Durban Basin (SDB) Area Based Management (ABM) Senior Manager Eurakha Singh said their office is inundated with emails and calls from local communities about the influx of trucks in the area. Some of the complaints logged include the damage of Municipal infrastructure, illegal dumping and illegal business operations.

“As soon as the city repairs the damaged infrastructure, it almost immediately destroyed again. This is a waste of time and ratepayers money,” said Singh.

She added that while the Clairwood area is undergoing the planning and implementing of catalytic strategic projects like the Back of Port, the SDB ABM office will aggressively continue operations and enforcements in the area. The focus will be on eradicating crime and grime, clamping down on illegal businesses, addressing traffic infringements and correcting operational issues like street markings and signage.

“We can’t have a dissatisfied community who is tired of waiting for ‘planning’ to happen. Service delivery will not be put on hold,” she said.

The City’s Building Inspectorate and Land Use Management team were accompanied by Metro Police officers who combed the residential areas for illegal business operations and issued fines for non-compliance of Municipal by-laws. The operation also saw a team from the City’s Electricity Unit disconnecting illegal electricity connections.


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