LAA Case Study: Pepsico & Forte Supply Chain Solutions

PepsiCo primary transport division requires a central platform to display their logistical planning for each respective transporter and the ability to share this real time load allocation to the respective transporters and relevant clients or senders/receivers of the cargo.

Furthermore PepsiCo primary transport division requires a live feed of each primary transporter's data source for load status, current position and notifications and or exceptions. Importantly not creating additional workload in terms of data upload for their transporters.

PepsiCo logistics department has partnered with FLOW in creating a logistics hub where data is centrally available to the benefit of both transporters and the end client of PepsiCo primary transport division.

The FLOW platform creates the ability to latch and sync data straight from each respective transporters transport management software (TMS), excel sheet or option for transporter's to do a direct capture of required information within the platform. FLOW platform extracts the required data from each transporter TMS of sheet of information via a sync application into a central portal view (cloud platform).

This presentation by Renko Bergh, Managing Director of Forte Supply Chain Solutions shares the details of their journey and insights from the project.



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