What happens when the Trust is gone?

For the first time in 17 years the Elderman Trust Barometer has shown that Trust levels have fallen across all 4 major groups, Government, Business, Media and NGO’s.  The poll covers 28 countries and 33,000 respondents, so it presents a wide view of what is current thinking in western Societies.  Not surprisingly Govt.  comes out worst (71% said they don’t trust the Govt.  “to do the right thing”).  Business fell too, only 37% of people would trust a CEO, over a person “like yourself”.  Media took the biggest hit of all:  82% of all countries surveyed consider the Media “distrustful”.

So what are the implications?

Business distrust is being fuelled by globalisation.  60% of the population are concerned that they will lose their jobs due to globalisation.

More than 50% are of the opinion that globalisation is taking society in the wrong direction.

53% say that business is changing too fast.

Given this data set, Brexit and Trump become less of a surprise.  When your audience or market no longer trusts you, things are going to change!

The world seems to be making some strange choices, but the data is out there that answers the question : Why?


Contributed by: Malcolm van Hilten, Commercial Director for Torch Analytics